What do we stand for

LawsLinked - legal and tax services - is a partnership consisting of (inter) national jurists, lawyers and tax specialists. With its all-under-one roof, a practice-oriented and an integrated approach, LawsLinked is characterized by an appropriate and decisive service in (inter) national legal, procedural and tax issues.

What is our expertise

LawsLinked advises, litigates and works exclusively on the basis of Dutch law. Due to the diversity in nationalities of the LawsLinked partners, the service can take place in the Dutch, German and English language. The LawsLinked partners have all worked in the notarial profession, the (inter) national legal profession, tax consultancy and or the international business community and have an extensive personal network all over the world. This enables LawsLinked to assist companies and private individuals in (inter) national legal and tax matters and procedures.

Practice areas

LawsLinked is an international legal / tax office specialized in, among other things, corporate law, real estate law, commercial law, inheritance law, (inter) national tax law and litigation. Because of the variety of advisers within LawsLinked as well as the cooperation with other lawyers, tax specialists and civil law notaries LawsLinked is able to advise you in all the areas mentioned below.

Corporate law / Company law

Entrepreneurs are faced with very different issues, problems and disputes, which often have a legal or tax background. LawsLinked looks after all your interests regarding the various company and corporate law issues. In doing so, we do not lose sight of your commercial interests from a legal and tax perspective in the short and long term.
You can contact us for:

  • Advising on legal forms
  • Establishment of legal entities or partnerships
  • Issue, purchase and transfer of shares
  • Depositary receipts for shares
  • Drawing up shareholder and participation agreements
  • Advice and drafting of articles of association
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Takeover by the board
  • Dismissal of the director
  • Director's liability
  • Drawing up decision making
  • Corporate governance
  • Financing / money loan / informal capital / subordinated loan agreements
  • Profit distributions
  • Disputes between buyers and suppliers
  • Joint venture structures and agreements
  • Terms and Conditions

Mergers and acquisitions

Based on our years of experience as well as multidisciplinary cooperation, LawsLinked supports you with support and guidance when it comes to buying or transferring businesses.
You can contact us for:

  • Purchase and sale of companies
  • Business research
  • Confidentiality statements
  • Intention agreements
  • Purchase agreement (shares and assets / liabilities)), prepare and assess
  • Accompanying readmission negotiations
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Disclosure
  • Securities (bank guarantee, in deposit, group guarantee)

Commercial law

LawsLinked assists entrepreneurs as well as private individuals in entering into and negotiating agreements in the broadest sense of the word. If required, we can advise you from a multidisciplinary perspective when negotiating and elaborating your agreements, in order to ensure that your company derives maximum benefit from the agreement in every respect.
You can contact us for:

  • Agency agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Trade contracts
  • Agreements with suppliers, clients
  • General purchase and sales conditions
  • Takeover agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • And all other commercial contracts
  • Compliance, explanation and termination of contracts
  • (Inter) national collection
  • Liability check
  • International Private Law

Inheritance law

The right of inheritance is seen as part of the law of persons and family law, which everyone will experience at some point. From the multidisciplinary collaboration of LawsLinked, the inheritance law has common ground with all other areas of law that we offer.
You can contact us for:

  • Heir (pure acceptance, beneficence or rejection)
  • Executor (resignation, liability)
  • International aspects
  • Legitimate portion / legal division / part of a child
  • Legates
  • Size of legacy
  • Disinhibited (legitimate portion or appropriate level of care)
  • Testament (destruction or voidability or explanation)
  • Settlement of inheritance
  • Usufruct
  • Legal Inheritance
  • Business succession
  • International inheritance law

Real estate / rent law

LawsLinked advises on all aspects related to real estate, such as the purchase and sale of real estate. In addition, LawsLinked has an excellent knowledge of the rental law and we advise you when entering into lease agreements and disputes with (distant) tenants.
You can contact us for:

  • Drafting a rental agreement
  • Cancellation / dissolution of a rental agreement
  • Independence, subletting, rent
  • Rental disputes
  • Buying and selling real estate
  • Investigations for purchase of real estate
  • Purchase and sale of apartment rights
  • Disputes within an Association of Owners (VVE)


We are involved with our clients and proactively engage ourselves in order to achieve the best possible result for you. In doing so, we will first of all try to find an amicable solution to your legal problem. When litigation is necessary / inevitable, we use our knowledge to achieve the best result for you. Your satisfaction is our goal.
You can contact us for:

  • Court proceedings in first instance and appeal
  • Summary proceedings
  • Conservatoire / executor / seizure
  • Collection procedures at home and abroad
  • Implement (foreign) judgments

(Inter)national Tax law

  • (Inter)national tax law, Corporate tax, Value Added Tax and Income tax
  • Tax Accounting and Administration
  • Due diligence / book surveys
  • Working with Tax control frameworks, tax service covenants and the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance rules
  • Working with Onesource Thomson Reuters tax software and SAP

Our way of working

We are an office, without frills or pooha, but with the knowledge and insights you can expect from seasoned lawyers. The short lines and open culture make it possible to switch quickly and efficiently. We deal with issues and disputes with an eye for the client and his environment. A good, honest and committed service with an eye for the different facets of legal issues is always our starting point.


Esther Maarsen-Neumann - Lawyer, legal counsel

Esther is of German origin (grown up in Hamburg) and studied in The Netherlands (University of Leiden) Dutch law as well as International/European law with focus on economy.

She has extensive experience in assisting / advising both private clients and (international) companies and medium-sized / small companies in their daily legal activities, transactions, acquisitions and procedures. The focus on her work lies in the areas of contract law / contract law, collection, rental law, real estate law, corporate law (M & A), procedural law and (international) inheritance law.

A good, honest and involved service is a natural starting point for Esther. In her advice she will therefore explain in clear language all facets of the legal dispute, so that the right tactic can be determined together. She is involved with her clients and works proactively in order to achieve a good solution. That is why she will always keep an eye on the individual interests and background of her clients in delivering sharp analyzes and finding (creative) solutions.

Because of her background Esther advises without any language barrier completely bilingual in German and Dutch. In all the aforementioned jurisdictions, she is also aware of the relevant differences between German and Dutch law, so that in her advice she can immediately make clear all pitfalls for clients. Besides Dutch and German, she naturally speaks fluent English.


  • NOvA = Dutch Bar Association
  • OvAA = Bar Association Amsterdam
  • AIJA = Association Internationale de Jeunes Advocats
  • DNHK= German-Dutch Chamber of commerce
  • DNRV= German-Dutch Lawyers association
  • DNJK = German-Dutch lawyers conference


Dutch, German, English

William Guy - Tax counsel

William is (interim) Tax Counsel with broad experience in the field of Tax compliance and accounting at The Big Four, Multinationals, Government and Banks.

He combines an adequate and practical approach with pleasant communication and collaboration, in order to solve compliance problems and prepare decisions for his clients.

The combination of personal approach and high quality standards with a wide range of specialized knowledge within LawsLinked, forms the basis on which we perform our work.

Through his involvement with the clients, William is able to clearly map the influences of, for example, changes in the law and regulations and / or business or personal circumstances of the client in order to reach solutions. Feel free to contact William. He is always willing to consult with you about opportunities and risks that may arise.


Dutch and English

Hans De Waal – Tax counsel

Hans studied tax economics in Rotterdam (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Dutch tax affairs. After international advising and Tax Compliance at The Big Four (PwC and Deloitte), he expanded his knowledge with several multinationals as an internal company tax specialist.

As (interim) Tax Manager he knows perfectly how to put his finger on the weak spots, and / or to point out the risks. An adequate handling of the tax compliance (VAT, VpB and or IB) as well as a good relationship with the tax authorities is of highly valuated importance.

Hans easily translates the tax issues into understandable language and finds it a challenge to make financial business processes more efficient.

Within LawsLinked, Hans works with and under the supervision of William Guy.


Dutch, English

The LawsLinked partners each have their specialisms and are supported by a flexible layer of excellent external service providers.

What can you expect from us

LawsLinked is an office with minimal overhead. We keep costs under control and with that our rates. If we have to litigate, we make a real assessment of your case without arousing unrealistic expectations. In certain cases, we offer clients the option to make fixed price agreements or to purchase services on the basis of a subscription.


Our office is located in Amsterdam and easily accessible by car and public transport

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